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  • Do you play with the law of attraction or other such ideas but can’t seem to find consistency; in fact sometimes it feels more like the law of frustration?
  • Do you do lots of personal development work; feel inspired for a spell but still don’t make the progress you would like?
  • Do you practice affirmations sporadically; feel uplifted for a short while but then the same negative thought processes return?
  • Do you feel on some level that you are holding yourself back and no matter what you try just can’t seem to break through some sort of invisible barrier?

If you answered yes then breathe a sigh of relief that the torment is nearly over!

Like you, I struggled with an internal war with myself for years until through a near death experience I met this profound loving presence. I still battled for a while but gradually it revealed to me everything I needed to know to find a place of lasting peace of mind, as well as contentment and joy.

It is now my great privilege to share what I have learned and been shown with you so come and learn revolutionary techniques to get out of your own way and effortlessly create a life that fills you with so much joy you have to pinch yourself to believe it is real! You can experience this to and don’t worry you don’t have to have a near death experience to get it! You’re going to want to know this, it is life changing.

I help you to ‘experience’ increased flow and ease, more harmony, greater intimacy, better problem solving capacity, increased creativity and productivity, greater clarity of thought and increased peace of mind in your life. There is much intellectual theory about being at peace, knowing we are loved, knowing we are greater than our physical selves but I see this and get asked this sort of question all the time…. “This is so hard to follow with the inner voice constantly telling you otherwise, especially the fears that over take your inner peace. How does one quiet the mind?” I am delighted to be sharing with you ‘HOW’ you do it.

With me you’ll learn effective strategies to live with right thinking, with mind, body and spirit in alignment, in congruence and in the moment. This is a raised vibration that is the key to sustainable change so that when doubt and self sabotage try and rear their heads they no longer stop you in your tracks and send you running to hide under the duvet, instead you can easily move through and quickly feel even more sure of yourself.

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